Classes List

NameType6th SkillPlayers
??? Adventurer No 49
Abyssal Lord Class Wizard No 64
Acolyte Healer Yes 104
Alpha Pirate Class Lucky No 1179
Arachnomancer Class Hybrid No 984
Arcane Commander Class Lucky No 272
Arcane Swordsman Class Lucky No 31
Archer Class Fighter Yes 155
Barber Class Thief No 1593
Beginner Class Fighter Yes 11642
Beta Berserker Class Fighter No 1262
Bikini Class Lucky No 1509
Black Knight Class Fighter No 102
Blood Dragon Fighter Yes 17
Blood Vampire Class Fighter Yes 165
Bloodborne Vampire Lucky Yes 17
CardClasher Class Wizard No 4481
Celebration Class Lucky Yes 60
Chaos Class Hybrid Yes 277
Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath Wizard Yes 419
ChronoLord Class Fighter Yes 68
Chronomancer Class Hybrid Yes 81
Chunin Class Thief No 50
Classic Pirate Class Fighter No 94
ClawSuit Class Fighter No 90
Corrupted Chronomancer Lucky No 90
Cupid Class Hybrid No 86
Dark Caster Class Wizard No 1427
Darkblood Stormking Class Wizard Yes 119
Darkside Class Wizard No 1692
Deadpool Class Fighter Yes 329
Demon Lord Wizard No 35
Demon Slayer Lucky Yes 225
Divine Ranger Class Spellbreaker No 31
DoomKnight Overlord Class Hybrid Yes 59
Dragon Rider Class Wizard No 17
DragonLord Class Fighter No 1794
Drakel Warlord Class Fighter No 977
Dreadfiend of Nulgath Wizard No 145
Dwarf Knight Class Fighter Yes 80
Elemental Class Wizard Yes 275
Elemental Dracomancer Wizard No 946
Enforcer Class Hybrid No 1231
Evil Class Fighter No 24817
Evolved PumpkinLord Class Adventurer Yes 527
Exalted Fiend Class Adventurer Yes 26
Fiend of Ralzic Class Hybrid No 459
Firemancer Class Wizard No 405
Flame Dragon Warrior Fighter No 221
Founder Class Lucky Yes 45
Frozen knight Class Hybrid No 226
Frozen Mage Class Fighter No 42
General Cavemancer Class Fighter No 39
Glacial Berserker Class Fighter Yes 103
Good Class Fighter No 15012
Great Barber Class Thief No 208
Grenwog Slayer Class Lucky No 260
Headless Horseman Class Wizard No 64
Heavenly Archangel Class Wizard No 50
Horc Class Fighter Yes 24
Icestorm Archer Class Spellbreaker Yes 56
Immortal Dark Caster Class Wizard No 526
Immortal NightSlayer Class Thief No 73
Infinite Dark Caster Class Wizard No 65
Infinity Knight Class Lucky No 19
Infinity Titan Class Lucky Yes 16
Invisible No Class Adventurer No 285
Knight Fighter No 250
Legendary Hero Lucky No 202
Legendary Vampire Class Wizard Yes 168
Legion DarkLord Class Fighter No 36
Legion Symbiote Class Lucky Yes 74
Leprechaun Class Lucky No 311
LightCaster Class Wizard No 87
Lord of Darkness Class Lucky Yes 40
Lord of Destiny Thief No 114
Love Caster Class Lucky Yes 155
Lovemancer Class Lucky Yes 138
Lycan Class Fighter Yes 121
Mage Class Wizard No 1099
Magic Guardian Fighter No 15
Master Chunin Class Thief Yes 63
Mechanical Snow Wizard No 97
MogBot Class Lucky Yes 345
Musician Class Wizard Yes 153
Mysterious Class Wizard Yes 835
Mystic Knight Class Fighter No 526
Mystic Mentor Lucky No 29
Necromancer Class Wizard No 1015
No Class Fighter No 38918
Omega Class Wizard No 20
Paladin Class Hybrid No 1701
PaladinSlayer Class Spellbreaker Yes 324
Panda Class Wizard No 116
Pirate Captain Class Fighter No 141
Profane Class Wizard No 1870
PumpkinLord Class Fighter Yes 362
Rainbow Class Lucky No 31
Ranger Class Lucky Yes 98
Rich Lucky Yes 45
Royal Cryomancer Class Wizard No 95
Royal Oracle Healer No 22
Rustbucket Class Hybrid No 1309
Saboteur Thief No 272
Servant Slayer Class Fighter No 702
ShadowWinter Class Wizard Yes 138
Singularity Spellbreaker No 53
Sorcerer Class Wizard No 658
Soul King Wizard No 10
TimeKiller Hybrid No 94
Timeless Dark Caster Class Wizard No 75
Troll Class Wizard Yes 32
Unicornman Class Hybrid No 362
Vampire Emperor Class Wizard Yes 117
Vanta Blademaster Class Thief No 49
Vindicator of They Class Wizard No 54
Void Singularity Adventurer Yes 7
Void Walker Class Fighter Yes 72